Thursday, June 1

In Search Of...

 By Margie Senechal

For the past few years, every time we head to the coast, my sister and I have looked for a waterfall that she happened upon a long time ago. Over the years, this waterfall had become the stuff of legends as we searched to no avail with only Deb's memory to guide us.

Last year we drove on winding roads behind Fort Clatsop. While we didn't find the waterfall, we enjoyed the trip sprinkled with laughter and stories.

So, this year she did some research and found out the name and area of this mythic waterfall. 

The first day in Long Beach, we went North and discovered the historic Oysterville. Which is actually a little more than one charming street. But, hey what a street.

Then we went South and drove into Cannon Beach and did the shop thing. The weather was mild--meaning no rain and little rain--which is about as good as it gets on the Oregon Coast in the Spring.

Yesterday, before we headed home, we got the map out and started on our quest. We ended up on the same winding road as last year, but this time we stayed the course. Have you ever noticed that seven miles on a winding road is a lot longer than on a freeway??? 

How cool is that fence???
We passed lone houses on acres of beautiful green and wondered how it would be to live out that far. We're used to Safeway, Starbucks, and Walgreens being just a hop in the car away. When you get used to that convenience, you tend not to always plan ahead. I'm not sure I could function with thinking ahead--see previous procrastination posts.

And then finally, our patience and perseverance was rewarded. We saw the sign for Youngs River Falls and turned onto a small road that led up to the most wonderful thing we'd seen all weekend. 

The mythic waterfall was real! And every bit as awesome as Deb had promised.


  1. Awesome, Margie!! What a beautiful opportunity to escape everyday life and see some amazing places!

    1. Thanks!I think it's kinda cool how we keep finding new stuff at a place we visit at least once a year, if not more.

  2. I love the pictures, and I'm glad you got away. It's sure food for the soul, isn't it?

  3. gorgeous scenery - I love living near the lake...but I confess, I'd much rather live near an ocean!

    1. I think it's the whole oceany atmosphere--the scent, splashes, sand between your toes, tides, the daughter of a Navy man, I have always lived near the coast so I can't imagine being land-locked.