Saturday, September 2

Blurb Hell - Part Two

The yellow canoe, a symbol of the Love at Solace Lake series.
Last week I was talking about the blurbs I’ve written for the Love at Solace Lake series that I plan to self-publish. I’ve been working on the blurbs for the other two books in the series and this is what I’ve come up with. Here’s book two, Secrets and Solace:

Cameron Hainstock is suspicious when his brother rushes into marriage with a woman he barely knows. In Cam’s experience, women use men to get what they want. So when he meets his new sister-in-law’s beautiful, outspoken sister, he believes she’s another user, like his ex.
Scarlet Lindquist dislikes Cameron from the moment he opens his mouth and insults her sister. But if she dislikes him, why does attraction explode between them? 
As they work together to rebuild the Minnesota fishing lodge she and her sisters inherited, Scarlet learns Cameron is so much more; he’s an artist and craftsman, a fiercely loyal brother, and a devoted father. But falling in love awakens frightening childhood memories of death and loss.
Cam believes his personal demons make him too risky to love. When he faces the biggest challenge of his life, Scarlet is there to support him. Can he overcome his fears and find the courage to build a future with her, or will he let her walk out of his life forever?       
And Book Three, Solace and Truth:
Ten years ago, Luke Carlsson grabbed his opportunity to leave Minnesota and never looked back. But when he learns of his mother’s illness, he rushes home to be with her. To stay he needs work, so when the Solace Lake Lodge offers him a temporary job as their hotel and restaurant manager, he jumps at the chance. It means working with Maggie Lindquist, the girl he’d loved and betrayed all those years ago. The girl he never stopped loving.
Maggie never understood why Luke left so abruptly and went out of his way to hurt her. She’d been very young, but she’d loved Luke with all her heart. Ten years later, she believes she’s over him, until he shows up unexpectedly at her family’s fishing lodge, and she realizes she never stopped loving him. But her love hadn't held him before. Why would it hold him now? 
Many truths long hidden are finally revealed. When the truth about her parents’ past comes to light, suddenly everything Maggie’s ever believed about herself is thrown into question. And when Luke confesses why he left ten years ago, Maggie doesn't know if she can forgive him. Can Luke and Maggie overcome tragedies past and present to begin a new life together? 
Hmm. Maybe a little long. Again, I’m looking for feedback. Any suggestions gratefully accepted.