Friday, September 15

Change Stays the Same

Happy Friday, Wranglers! I normally try for a funny and upbeat Friday post (or at the very least, snarky). However, in light of Margie's post and the passing of her father-in-law, I don't want to be glib or careless. It all brings to mind the fact that change is the one thing in our lives that remains the same.

Having spent nearly two decades with my previous employer, I saw lots of change. And the way people reacted to change was always interesting. The merest whiff of change might drive some people over the edge, no matter how calmly we spoke and how many assurances we made that they would be ok. Others could ride that tide, that pendulum, that storm (funny how there are so many ways to even look at change) with admirable stoicism. Maybe they were certain it wouldn't affect them, maybe they just didn't care. Personally, I found myself not worrying over things I couldn't control (or maybe just burying my head in the sand... Again, so many ways to view it).

And now I'm on the cusp of more change. The job search continues, but (at the risk of jinxing myself) I'm in the final phases of one specific job interview process. Assuming it all goes well (cross your fingers, please!), I might be employed soon.

Oddly enough, that fact has me a little off-kilter. My new "normal" is about to change, and it's elevating my stress level. Who's going to take the kiddos to school if I have a job? Will I be off in time to run them to their activities? When will I find time to write? Will I make enough money? Will my vacation plans get chucked? Who is going to stay home and love on the precious kitties and open the window close the window open the window close the window all day if I'm not there?

Gasp! Things are going to change, and I'm going to have to adapt. And my zen-like serenity has flown out the window. This job is a whole new adventure...a whole new unknown...and I'm way more nervous about it than I would have thought.

Deep breaths. In my mind, I know everything will be ok. I have faith that there is a plan for me and whatever is meant to be shall. I believe that good people land on their feet (and bad pennies always turn up... so I'm covered no matter what ;-) And yet the thought of change (you know, the change that I've been applying for, hoping for, working toward...) has me on the edge of my seat in a will-the-clown-from-the-IT-movie-drag-me-down-the-sewer-too kind of way.

I don't know which I dislike more: the thought of the upcoming change, or the fact that I'm skittish about it. Deep breaths. I can't stop change. I can only meet it head on, right? Accept it and deal with it as best as I can.

So how do you handle change?


  1. I'd like to say I face it head on. BUT, if I'm being truthful, I avoid it until I'm hit over the head by it and dragged away.

    From my experience, the little things begin to fall in line after the big change is decided and you develop a new normal.

    Good luck on your new adventure!

  2. You'll rock it. Fingers n toes crossed ( good thing these are comfy shoes)

    1. Thanks!! I'd ask you to cross your eyes, too, but you might get hurt 😂

  3. I'm there with Margie getting hit on the head, and age only makes it more so. I love your slant on things. No matter what the change, I'm positive you're up for it. (Although I'm not sure about the kitties and not having a window person around...)

  4. I'm right there with Margie and Liz - I avoid it for a while and my best of face what happens next.

    Good luck to ya, Ava!

  5. I'm the same. I dislike change, but what can you do? Sometimes change is good, shaking us out of our ruts. Or at least that's what I'm going to tell myself.

    Best of luck with this new job. I understand why you're torn.