Wednesday, November 29

Rereading at Christmas ~ @AuthorKristina Knight

It's a holiday giveaway week here at WordWranglers, so be sure to leave a comment below...and then check out the other Wrangler posts from this week and comment there never know what you might win!

Liz asked on Monday about our favorite holiday reads. I have two.

Okay, I lied, I have several -- I adore Liz's (and the other Heartwarming Authors) take on small town Christmases, and the anthologies they've put out over the past three or so years. Start with Heartwarming Christmas and then work your way through them, I promise you won't be disappointed!

And y'all know my adoration for Nora Roberts, although I honestly can't think of a single 'Christmas' book she's put out (if you know of one, please comment below because I need whatever that book might be in my life), Kristan Higgins, Carly Phillips, the list of go-to authors seems to get longer and longer every year.

Still, there are two books that I read over and over...especially during the holiday season. They are Home for the Holidays by Johanna Lindsey and The Present by Johanna Lindsey. It's entirely possible that Johanna has many better books than the two of these, I honestly wouldn't know. Although I've read a handful of her books, I've by no means hit even the halfway mark. Mostly because I don't read a ton of historical romance (I know, you're gasping in shame at me right now, aren't you?). These two books, though, are go-tos for me.

When I need a Calgon, take me away moment to relieve some of the holiday stress.

When I can't find a single Christmas special of interest (sometimes, Hallmark's 455 days of Christmas just doesn't cut it).

When I'm feeling a little blue or a little out of sorts or just want to be transported.

Johanna Lindsey takes me to Christmas.

I get swept up into the tumultuous relationships of the Malory family, and I wonder - again and again - if the gypsy grandmother will wind up with the aristocrat, and if the brothers will be able to set aside their differences, and will the elderly father take a chance on love that has been waiting patiently for him? I worry that Larissa won't be able to save her family name, and I cry because Vincent wants to protect her even though he's sworn revenge on her family...and I cry when she realizes why she's been brought to Vincent's...and I wonder how these two will ever be able to let go of their pasts because surely not even Christmas magic can solve these problems.

I think I'll start Home for the Holidays today, and let myself get swept away to Christmas Past...just for a little while. Share your favorite holiday re-read in the comments for a chance to win a pair of Christmas socks and some other fun goodies from me!                                               ~Kristina


  1. Nora Roberts has several--including some MacGregor stories! But if you get started on those, when will you have time for anything else? :-) I love those Johanna Lindsey ones, too.

    1. I *still* haven't read those - I have all the MacGregor books...but I just haven't found the time for them.

  2. Years ago, three friends of mine, Desiree Holt, Regina Carlysle, and Cindy Spencer Pape, created series, Mistletoe Magic. I read them on on the computer before I owned a kindle; might have to dig them out, unless they're saved on a 3.5 floppy disc!

    I also love the MacGregor stories:)

    1. Oooh, will have to check them out, thanks for visiting, Molly!

  3. Well, this is kinda old, but my favorite holiday read is Manny and Co. by Charles Sylvester. My mom read it to us every year for as long as I can remember--it's a charming little Christmas story from about 1910 or so...touching and sappy and wonderful.

  4. I loved Johanna Lindsays' Mallory series, but somehow I missed these two books. I checked my keeper shelf for Christmas stories and I see I'm sadly lacking. The only one I could find was an anthology of Christmas stories called "The Christmas Brides" with Jo Beverley and two other writers. I need to read Liz's and company's Heartwarming stories to get in the mood.

  5. Sheila Roberts has one called The Snowglobe which I really enjoyed. I used to read Road to Galilee every Christmas. Maybe I should pull that one out...