Tuesday, June 8

Another Edition of Things on Kristina's Desk ~ @AuthorKristina Knight

Albert Einstein once said, "If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?" I like that quote. Probably because my desk if forever in a state of chaos, at least according to RadioMan. To me, my desk is home. it's filled with things that make me happy, in addition to the things that I need to work on.   

However, sometimes, I realize I need to clean it up a bit. This week was one of those clean up moments. Probably because I have a book due. ahem. My editor can ignore that sentence, it wasn't because of a deadline it was. . .some.other.reason.

Anywho. Here are a few things that I found on my desk that are making me happy lately.

The first is this stack of books. Why are they making me happy? Well, because they were all really interesting books - all were part of my reading list for the RWA Rita contest...and a couple are now one-click authors.

Then, there is our Year in a Jar. My family whined interminably about this project immediately jumped
It's the Year in a Jar
 on board with this project a couple of years ago...we even made it through a Pandemic Year with a few things in there! When something fun (like a vacation) or cool (like a new book contract) or exciting (like bebe's latest exploit) happens, we write down the event on a piece of paper and put it in the jar. On New Year's Eve, we open the jar and read all about our year. I've seen some Year in a Jar projects that are filled with calligraphy and mementos. We use ticket stubs and scratch paper and usually abbreviations and really messy handwriting...but it works for us!

 The owl bookends are new(ish). I bought them late last year because, owls. Yes, that's also a spool of thread and a
needle, I had to perform surgery on a beanie baby a couple of weeks ago. At some point, the thread will go back where it belongs, it's just that I have a feeling more surgery is going to needed. Soon(ish). I keep print copies of my books here, because it's a nice reminder of where I've been...and of where I want to go next.

And I haven't found a single thing that needs to be tossed.
Although, I should probably put those books on the actual bookshelf instead of the corner of my desk. But, look, it's not all that messy...I mean, there's a whole foot or so of un-cluttered space to my right. Although my lapdesk could probably be put away. And so could my tablet sleeve. And, as I'm typing this, I realize I have about seven post-its and to-do lists to my left that aren't relevant any more. Okay, the old post-its and the to-do lists can go...but the rest of the clutter stays! I mean, Einstein was a smart dude...I don't want an empty mind, so I can't have an empty desk. Right?

So, spill, is your desk messy? Perfect organized? Somewhere in between?


  1. Mine is awful, and for every 10 things I throw away, I accumulate 15, so I've pretty much given up. I love your owls, and the thread matches!

    1. I seem to accumulate, too...luckily you could only see the clean side from that pic!

  2. I love this! I want us all to show pictures of our desks and talk about them--that would be a load of fun! Love your owls, Kristi--Husband is big into owls. ;-)

  3. My desk is a disaster. Okay, all of my desks, as I have three smaller ones.
    Two of them are piled (Yes, piled) with what I'm sure seemed important at some time. My working desk has a pocket of space for my laptop (or KB's when she is working from home). Otherwise it houses objects that remind me of my WIP, or things that make me smile. Apparently, I have a lot to smile about :)

    1. Love that you keep your desk filled with things that make you happy, Margie!