Tuesday, August 31

Where Has Summer Gone? @AuthorKristina Knight

Wrangler Liz just emailed me - I completely forgot my posting day here on the blog. I can't believe I forgot, but as I was setting up this week in my planner I was looking at September. And completely missed the fact that it was still August (and therefore my Tuesday to blog!) today. 

I'd like to say I have a really good excuse for forgetting - like we took an impromptu trip - but the truth is that I don't really have a good excuse. I have excuses, but they're maybe not good ones. 

Like it's been pretty busy at the dayjob (grant writing) for the past month. 

bebe started school on Friday, had an orthodontist appointment yesterday, and we're still getting into that routine. 

I really, really want a vacation and it's making me forgetful of all the other things. For a day or a week. I want to be somewhere different - preferably a beach, but I'm not picky at this point. 

COVID has gotten wild where we live, with super high community spread which means we're doing my MILs shopping, doing intense cleanings of our house...you know that drill! 

RadioMan's sports season is going full-force, so he's away several nights each week and we're taking advantage of all the time we can as a family. 

I've been writing, which is really the only good excuse I have for forgetting to blog. Working on a couple of new things that I'm excited about...but can't really get into detail yet because I'm not sure if they'll go trad-pub or if I'll publish myself. 

I thought this summer would be super relaxed and easy. It turns out, this summer wasn't super busy but relaxed didn't really make it in to the schedule. We were planning for bebe's return to school (which means school shopping, vaccination, etc). RadioMan had a surprise surgery, which meant a month of recuperation for him (and us, as his caretakers...bebe kind of liked that job. For a while, lol.). 

This fall, I'd like a little of that relaxation to come in to play. A vacation probably won't happen because of RadioMan's sports schedule, but I'd like just a little time to decompress. Maybe read a few more books. Definitely write more. I'd love to hear about either of the projects I've sent out into the big world and maybe have some good-publishing-news to share with y'all soon. And that pretty much catches you up with me ... but I'm wondering, what are you up to as the summer winds down in to fall? Any big plans coming up? New books you're writing - or a great book you've read?


  1. Finishing up Book 3 of the Lange Brothers series for Tule and will begin immediately on the new series for them. Editing gigs continue, lake life is winding down...pretty much typical fall here. Glad all is well there, Kristi!

  2. I'm working on getting Suitcases ready for Beta readers--probably in a couple of months, but for the first time I see the light at the end of my long, long tunnel. LOL

    And I'm working on a fantasy short story in the vein of Jane Yolen that I'm kind of excited about and having a lot of fun with. So, we'll see if that one pans out or just dies a slow literary death.

  3. Finishing up my second book of essays, plus waiting, like you are, for news from Other Places. While I am contracted with a publisher, there have been...issues.

  4. I'm going through the critiquing process with book 4 in my Masonville small town romance series, and I'm writing a new book/novella (not sure how long it's going to be yet) that's going to be my giveaway for readers who sign up to get my newsletter. It's a prequel to my indie published series and I always wanted to know how these characters met. And now I do!